About Pop

POP Entertainment

We are a production company specialized in the audiovisual field that opened its doors in 2012, and whose range of action includes cinema, TV, corporate and theater.

Danilo Reynoso

It is chaired by Danilo Reynoso, actor, producer and social communicator, who has worked as an interpreter in dozens of audiovisual productions including feature films, short films and international series; stand out: “Misión Estrella”, “Flor de Azúcar” and “El Rey De Najayo”, Fernando Báez, “Yo soy la salsa”, Manuel Villalona, “I want to be faithful”, Joe Menéndez, “Biodegradable”, Juan Basanta, “ Del Fondo De La Noche”, Javier Balaguer, “Natale In Crociera”, Neri Parenti, “Yuniol”, Alfonso Rodríguez, and in the international series “Mujeres Asesinas”. “LA FAMILIA REYNA” is his first film as a film producer in 2015, and since then he has not stopped. He is currently immersed in international co-productions, uniting Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and the Dominican Republic on the big screen.

Evelyna Rodríguez

Evelyna Rodríguez is an actress, producer and social communicator. He has participated in dozens of film projects for the local and international market: “La extraña”, “Quiero ser fiel”, “ladrones”, “La Familia Reyna” “Colao”, “Feo de día y lindo de noche” are some of those projects. Rodríguez has also stood out in different television spaces as a presenter and in the theater. She is currently co-producer of the international films "Guayabo", "Cucú" "Esa Noche", "Cuando te toca” and "O +".